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The Chickadee has been BLESSED from the beginning!

But how do I KNOW it's Blessed!?

Did you know that there is a global shortage of toys? From what I’m hearing, it is a supply chain issue, combined with a transportation bottleneck. This happened as we are receiving hundreds of requests for Healing Chickadees. Finding our plush bird has been difficult and expensive.

I chose not to despair. I chose to pray instead. I began to explore different sources, mostly without success. Most suppliers had on a few birds left in stock. Some of the birds we had, and could not replace, had a broken “chirper” inside. The distributor said, “We might get more during the spring of 2022. Maybe.”

So how do I know this project is blessed? Because these two gentleman are within a 20 minute car ride from my house! I was searching the world over for our plush chickadees and I found Cabin Critters in New Fairfield.

They had 350 chickadees but it wasn’t the same style as our chickadee. AND it had to fit in the premade boxes we had. Justin sent me one and it fit perfectly! I saved the shipping costs but piling 350 birds in my car and thanking them profusely for the sweet deal they gave me.

Justin and Dave believe in the grief program for children and were willing to lovingly support our efforts.

Blessed all around! So grateful.


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