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Holy Moments-They are EVERYWHERE!

I believe in the Divine. I don’t talk about religion with anyone but I do often refer to the “Holy Moments” that often pop up in my life. I’m a BIG believer.

I have a tiny nonprofit called Soulful Sydney INC. I am enthusiastic, committed and full of optimism. I’m also often perplexed about how to proceed. It doesn’t stop me from diving into the deep end of the pool, as is my way. I have the MOST wonderful board of directors and many dedicated advisors. This is a story about our very important but impromptu meeting at the Sitting Duck in Oxford.

I called the board president, and my friend, a brilliant retired lawyer who keeps me grounded, and invited her to lunch. “We need a meeting” I told her. She replied, “We always need a meeting. With food please.” We had a productive lunch and some great food and as the check arrived and as we were refusing dessert, we were discussing the upcoming fundraiser. Our server, a delightful woman named Lori politely asked, “Are you talking about a fundraiser? Can you tell me more?” I explained the Healing Chickadee and she said, “That is amazing. I also have a nonprofit involving the death of a sibling. My sister died suddenly two years ago, leaving behind three amazing teenagers and her wonderful husband. We started a nonprofit to honor her and help with expenses.” Their upcoming fundraiser information is listed below. She invited us to have a table at the Build a Backpack event and we jumped at the chance to participate and support her organization.

THIS is a HOLY MOMENT. When you run into people who you become CONNECTED to in our shared heart projects it is proof of the DIVINE. Open heart, open mind and a willingness to put “service above self.” This generates all the energy in my life. The more we pour out, the more that pours in. It’s not why we serve each other, it’s just the Grace that flows.

Please join us at the Build a Backpack event next Sunday, August 20th. Also, please explore their amazing website that does a beautiful job of introducing you to Lori’s sister, Lynn Nespoli Lewis. She was such a gorgeous woman in the prime of her life, with a home full of active children.

Thank you God for this day. Thank you God for bringing angels, in the form of humans, into my life every day. May your day be filled with HOLY MOMENTS.



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