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Soulful  Forest

Chickadee Children's Communication & Coping Skills After A Loss 

The Soulful Forest represents the free spirit of the child in all of us. The forest is filled with places and spaces where the heart will find loving compassionate energy.   Every child is a student of truth looking for serenity and unity.  The first step in every truth seeking adventure is through the  garden of gratitude.  Because we know that ALL good things start in gratitude.


Map with grief glen

The Soulful Forest


An animated Utopia to help children develop social emotional skills.


Life lessons are every where you look!

Pondering Pond, where a wise turtle provides clarity. 

Grief Glen The Tweet-Hearts become a catalyst for communication when a child sustains  a loss.  

It is strategically located at the bottom of the River of Resilience


Field of Forgiveness.  The flowers are vivid and bright when you forgive and become droopy and grey if your heart carries resentment. 


WellNest Clinic A tweetheart bird with great advice for staying healthy and strong


Camp Kindness   Where critters teach civility, compassion and self control.

 Tranquil Tree  After learning civility, sit under the tree to learn tranquility.   

Mindful Mountain  Learning to stay in the present moment gives the best vista


Sunflower Café.  Tweetheart feeding station-learning to eat well is good for the soul

Diversity University Class is always in session and unity and respect are evident.  


Belly Acres Farm where the critters at Camp Chaos are constantly alarmed and drama abounds!

This is every child's soulful adventure.

Enter with an open heart and  explore

love, acceptance and forgiveness.

It’s all inside of you.

This is our soulful welcome
 song for YOU!

YOUR Soulful Forest - Christina Connors-
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