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The Picture that started it all!

Soulful Sydney And Children Overcoming Grief

This was the picture that started it all.

Allow me to introduce you to  my newest grandbaby, Sydney.   During an early morning visit, Sydney stood looking out at the world from the safety of my living room.  I was inspired.  I want the world that she grows up in to be filled with compassion, serenity, inclusion, justice and safety.


My friend Christina Connors and I had an idea kicking around about a Magical Soulful Forest where all children were cherished.   We created a Reflecting  Pond, a Tranquil Tree, a Mindful Mountain with a River of Resilience, Diversity University and Camp Kindness.  We imagined the place but never knew how to make it come alive.


Enter: Soulful Sydney.  Her glorious new life has inspired and energized us.   With the help of my sister, Deborah Clarke, a passionate poet and fastidious editor,  we invite you to enter a world where loving kindness is the native language.


Our first offering is Soulful Sydney Explores Diversity University.  This first book in what is sure to be a LONG series (there is a lot for Soulful Syd to learn!) was co written by an eleven year old named Mariam Aziz.  Mariam is a member of the Muslim community in Newtown and she has a lot to share about being fair.


When the pandemic hit, we chose to help children during the grief process. The Healing Chickadee offers music, videos and activities to help grieving children.   


Our imaginative and visionary illustrator is Tian who I have never actually met and I consider one of my best friends.  The glory of cyberspace!

Small child looking through window

It takes a village to create a soulful forest
Meet the Team of dedicated creators....

Cartoon of a woman

Deborah Clarke

Deborah Clarke is the poet and editor for this project who, like her sister, is a grandmother seeking to awaken a sense of unity and acceptance in future generations.

Cartoon of a woman

Terry Murphy

Creator and writer as well as the organizer energy bunny of the Soulful Sydney Series.

"Let's create a world of justice, inclusion and love for our kids and grand kids.  Let's start here and now."

Cartoon of a woman

Mariam Azeez

Mariam is our guest poet, writer, contributor and our inspiration for the first book, Soulful Sydney Explores Diversity!

Get ready world....Here comes Mariam!! 


Talented Tian is an inspired artist.  Her vision brought life, light and magic to the story.  

Cartoon of a woman

Christina Connors

Co concept creator and spiritual

leader of the project! Christina is a talented singer who adds the music element and passion to everything she touches!

Cartoon of a woman
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