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An Adventure to Orlando!

I am going on adventure. On Tuesday morning, I’m flying to Florida. WHO in their right mind goes to Orlando at the end of June? I’m sweating already just thinking about it. I’m searching my closet for light cotton clothing and packing extra anti perspirant. Having lived in Florida and in fact, spent time employed as a chipmunk at DW, I can say with certainty that there is no amount of deodorant/anti sweat product that can overcome the steam room that is the middle of Florida.

Hot or not, I’m thrilled to be going to the 2022 National Symposium on Children's Grief presented by the National Alliance of Children’s Grief. If you’ve never heard of this organization and I hope you never have had a need to know anything about it, they are leaders in education, support and resources. I have never attended their annual symposium and I’m delighted to be able to attend.


Below is taken from their website:

SYMPOSIUM GOALS: The Annual NACG Symposium offers participants the opportunity to learn of the latest research and clinical developments in working with grieving children and teens; enhance skills and knowledge to deliver state-of-the-art services to grieving children and adolescents; engage in dialogue with colleagues, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professional to exchange ideas information, and clinical expertise.

The symposium offers varied Workshops on topics important to children's grief issues, program development, non-profit administration, activities, fundraising, and grief support models, to name a few.


My goal is to learn more, so I can do more. I am happy to share that knowledge with you. I will post a daily symposium update. Children handling emotions that even adults find difficult, can become a mental health issue. Each of us, even if we never need it (and I hope you don’t) can be empowered with knowledge that should we ever need to assist a family member, neighbor, friend or colleague with the loss of a loved one, we have the tools.

I wish they had this kind of support for my family when I was a kid. I’m glad it’s available now. I will keep you updated on my symposium adventure to the sweat box that is Orlando in the summer!


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