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Soulful Sydney is officially LAUNCHED!

What a day!!! The Soulful Sydney Explores Diversity launch party exceeded our expectations! I finally met Mariam. Her tiny stature houses a great big heart and she is a portrait of poise and grace. We were all especially thrilled when we received confirmation at the last minute that Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal would be able to make an appearance. He was so gracious and supportive His statement reinforced our message of kindness and inclusion when he said, “Mariam, even at a young age, understands how important Diversity, Inclusion, and Caring are. Mariam has given us a lesson. My colleagues in the United States Senate need that lesson.” He spoke eloquently about his family history when he told the story of his father's arrival from Germany at the age of 17. Terry and I are just so grateful for the support of a gentleman whose influence is far-reaching.

I am more proud than ever to have played an important part in writing this book and sharing our message. And it was just plain fun to be seated at a table with people lined up waiting for us to sign their books!

Thank you Senator Blumenthal!

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