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Yes!  A TRULY unique story!

Television, radio, online content and printed material all share the same challenge:

Find a truly unique story that is of interest or helpful to their audience.

The Healing Chickadee is exciting, visually delightful and provides powerful assistance to children.

The Healing Chickadee and the Tweethearts  are here to help grieving children.

Enter into the animated Utopia  of the Soulful Forest where there is

music and activities that will inspire, enlighten and entertain families as they navigate the journey of grief. 

Our mission and purpose is to be a "Catalyst for Conversation." 

Encouraging children to communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences builds trust and provides comfort.

Soulful Songstress, Christina ConnorsDisney Composer, David Friedman

                         are available to entertain and inform your audience.

             Contact us for additional information or arrange an interview


                                                     (203) 521 6860

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Children receive Lots of Videos, Activities, bird information, songs

and a "Peaceful Pause" breathing technique

that the entire family can enjoy together.

Here is a sample of just ONE of the dozen videos

to show your viewers.

501 (c)(3) Non Profit, Soulful Sydney, INC

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