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Thank you for the work you do with grieving children

We are honored to partner with you to provide the Healing  Chickaee and the Tweethearts as a catalyst for conversation in  encouraging grieving children to communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences

as they work to rebuild trust and find comfort. 

The visual appeal of the animated Utopia will inspire and enlighten families

as they navigate the journey through grief. 

  • Access to videos, activities and music

  • Music written by a Disney composer, David Friedman and sung by Soulful Songstress,  Christina Connors, "who sounds like a princess!"

  • Each child may receive a  cuddly plush chickadee bird in a sweet box acts as a sensory reminder that they are "never alone."

There are Lots of activity sheets, bird information, songs

and a "Peaceful Pause" breathing technique

that the entire family can enjoy together.

Here is a sample of just ONE of the dozen videos your child can view.

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